Change Partners

Working Together

Fairley Foundation partners with other foundations and socialpreneurs to empower local change agents. We know we can’t do it on our own. We need the different perspectives other people have as well as their resources and ideas.

One major partner is the Greater Shepparton Foundation (GSF) which has a mandate to significantly reduce complex socio-economic disadvantage in Greater Shepparton and surrounds.

In the past we’ve partnered with Pratt Foundation, Margaret Laurence Trust, McEwan Trust, which is managed by Equity Trustees. 

By bringing funders together we extend the family of support, just as bringing community organisations together extends the capacity of workers on the ground. We can provide monitoring and feedback on projects so these donors know what’s going on and have full accountability for their funds.

Be a Local Change Partner

If you’re interested in funding in the Shepparton region and would like to work with others involved here, please get in touch.

If you have skills and expertise and would like to volunteer your time, we are always able to link up people with great opportunities and needs in the community.

Join our volunteer base here.

Peter Eastaugh